She Noise is an American-Portuguese alternative rock band based in Berlin, Germany. The band consists of Teresa Bessa (guitar and vocals), Marissa Lipschutz (bass), and Beatriz Vale (drums). The trio met upon their arrival in Berlin in late 2023 and quickly discovered their shared influences and chemistry, leading to the formation of She Noise.
Drawing inspiration from 90s alternative, 70s funk and folk, 60s pop music, and contemporary indie and hip hop artists, She Noise  creates a unique and modern production style that resonates with a new generation of listeners. Their music features compelling melodies and lyrical themes that cover a broad spectrum: love, fear, death, forgiveness, self-doubt, and hope, often incorporating irony and social commentary, allowing for engaging narratives that invite listeners to bring their own interpretations and feelings to the music.
Teresa Bessa began an earlier solo version of She Noise in late 2022 after leaving Fine Arts School in Portugal. Along with Beatriz, they relocated to Berlin, meeting Marissa. Each member brought a unique strength to the band: Teresa with her melody-driven songwriting, Marissa with her rhythm-based bass lines, and Beatriz with her powerful drumming.
Shortly after the band's formation, Teresa began writing for their debut full-length album, "Under The Ribs." In March 2024, She Noise entered the studio, after saving up money to book time with producer and sound engineer Juanfe Rehm, recording all the material for the album in just two days. "Under The Ribs" was released on May 30, 2024, and is now available on all streaming platforms.
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